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District Governor's Message


District 31L Lions,

It has been my honor to be your district governor the past year, and a little sad as I write my last newsletter submission during my term. I have met so many wonderful Lions, grieved for our lost ones, and I am hopeful for many new future ones.

My motto is, “Sharing the Vision Together” and thank you all for working toward that. I challenged each club to participate in at least one service project for each of the global causes. I am very proud of what has been accomplished; there have been so many acts of kindness through service projects, donations and encouragement for other Lions and those in need.

Clubs and Lions in District 31L are still working diligently to meet the Brigher Visions, LCIF and Camp Dogwood ticket sales. Keep the momentum going! We have until June 30, 2024.

As a reminder, the District Monetary Goals are:
Clinical Eye Research $2.00
VIP Fishing Food $4.00
McCune Capital Improvement $2.00
McCune Activities $4.00
LCIF/Melvin Jones $2.00
NC Ambassador $1.00
William L. Woolard $1.00
Beacon of Hope $2.00
Leader Dogs $1.00
PER PERSON GOAL: $19.00 There is still time to meet these goals!

Some of the biggest challenges that we faced were and are membership, service reporting, and starting new clubs. I am confident that DGE Dawson and 1st VDGE Eileen will do a phenomenal job and continue the momentum to turn those numbers and percentages around.

I hope to see many of you at the June 8, 2024 Awards & Celebration Ceremony being held at the Etowah Lions Club. We will start at 11:30 a.m. with lunch and followed by the presentation of awards. No reports are due as this is a time of celebration and fellowship. If you have not RSVP’d, please do so as soon as possible.

Kindest regards,

District Governor Susan

Susan Fernandez, District Governor


From DGE Dawson Hart


Hello from DGE Dawson Hart,

With the close of DG Susan Fernandez's year, I would like to take a moment to stop and thank you for all that you have done for Lions, our district, our clubs, and for being a guiding mentor for me. You have left large shoes to fill. Thank you for a wonderful year under your leadership and new-found friendship.


Lion Dawson Hart, DGE


From 1st VDGE Eileen Artavia


Dear District 31-L:

I would like to thank each and every Lion that has supported me this year!

It truly has been a pleasure being your 2nd VDG! Visiting the clubs and meeting new friends that I didn’t know before and reconnecting with Lions on a deeper level has been amazing so far. I hope to cultivate even greater friendships and working relationships with each of you in the future!

As 1st VDG, I plan to Support our incoming Governor and the clubs to the best of my ability. I want you all to know that I am rooting for each club, each Lion to succeed, for when a club succeeds and a Lion succeeds, we succeed as a District. We all must pull together for the sake of those “we serve”!

I am looking forward to this next phase of my journey building on what we have achieved this year, but first, let’s finish out this Lions strong “Sharing the Vision’!


1st VDGE Eileen Artavia


Weaverville Lions Honored for 75 Years of Service


The following article taken from The Tribune was captioned “Lions Club Honored for 75 Years” and read as follows:

Weaverville recognized the contributions of its 75-year-old club, the Lions Club, at the April meeting of the town council. Lions Club leaders Dr. Woody Bolinger and Rick Johnson, along with other club members, were there as Mayor Patrick Fitzsimmons presented Johnson and Bolinger with the proclamation acknowledging the club’s contributions. Bolinger then took the opportunity to tell the audience about the club’s big fundraiser for scholarships on July 20th of this year.

"Our club is hoping other clubs and members throughout the state will help us advertise, attend, and even help serve at our annual car show. This year’s car show will be held on Saturday, July 20 at the Weaverville Primary School Ball field, in the historic town of Weaverville, NC, with registration beginning at 9:00 am."

Lion Larry Moore, another long-term member, Weaverville resident, and incoming Club President, stressed, “We depend upon sponsors, friends, and the community, to help us serve. ‘We serve’ means all of us! We are hoping for good weather and tremendous support!”


News from your District Secretary

The New Portal has arrived.

By now Lions should have received an invitation email to join the new Lions Portal.

If you have an existing account, all your data has already been transferred and the email address you’ll use to login has not changed. You will only need to setup a new Lion Portal password.

Follow the steps below to begin accessing the new Lion Portal:

1. Go to the Lion Account login page and sign in using your existing credentials, this will transfer you to the new Lion Portal

2. Here, you can either enter your current password or create a new one. From there, you’ll be able access and begin using the new Lion Portal. Reminder all Lions and Leos who plan to use the new Lion Portal must have a unique email address (not shared with any other member) in their member record. This is because your email address will serve as your username to access the portal. While we recommend every member having a unique email address, even if they do not plan to use the Lion Portal, it is not required to have one on file to be a member.

3. Yes! You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access the Lion Portal. Functionality is the same across all devices. The portal will simply adjust to fit the size of the device. Training videos are also available at https://www.youtube.com/@lionportaltraining

It is very important for club officers to take a moment to access these videos. Remember we are all learning this new portal. It is going to take time to familiarize ourselves with the new process. Your District Leaders are working diligently to familiarize themselves with the new program and will do their best to answer any questions you may have.

Should you have any questions please reach out to your District Team.

Respectfully submitted:
Lion Tammy Thomas
District LCIF Coordinator



International President Dr. Patti Hill's Theme: "Changing the World"


Dr. Patti Hill Lions International President

There’s an old saying – It’s the journey, not the destination. Changing the world is a journey. There’s no middle and no end. There is, however, a beginning.

Changing the World Change doesn’t happen all at once. It happens through many small choices. With every act of kindness, we change a life. With every Lions club and Leo club, we change a community. When we change our communities, we change the world.

With every small act of service, you contribute one step towards change. It’s up to each of us to simply begin. Like rain filling a bucket, we can change the world one drop at a time. In fact, we are all changing the world with every decision we make. Truly meaningful changes will occur when we are intentional about the kind of changes we want to make. When we strive to make positive changes—in our lives and in the lives of others—we put good into the world.

Lions have been doing our part to change the world for more than 100 years. In every project we do, with every donation we make, we contribute to positive change in our communities. As we fill our own buckets, our communities rise with us.

We are all connected. When we see that connection, boundaries and barriers disappear. We realize that while global challenges may seem daunting, there is always a place where we can begin. The place is here. The time is now.

Our world is a beautiful place. Let the rain fall. Drop by drop, fill your bucket. Help those around you fill theirs. Every day, in big ways and in small, let’s serve to make our world an even better place for all.

As a Lion for more than 32 years, International President Dr. Patti Hill has always brought out the very best in others. Her life and career have been defined by her passion for social justice, her dedication to helping others reach their full potential and her devotion to making the world a better place for all people.