District 31L Lions Clubs of WNC


Lion Eileen Artavia, 2nd Vice District Governor


Lion Eileen was born and raised in mostly Stanley, North Carolina. Although, with her father’s 20 years of service in the Navy she moved quite a bit as a child. She became a Lion in 2018 after going to work part-time at the Foundation as the secretary saw the work that the Lions did with the VIPs at Camp Dogwood and saw that that was another way for her to serve like she did at her church. She has always enjoyed helping people and found that the Lions offered her a way to continue to help those most in need.

In 2019 She also went to the VIP Fishing Tournament and as they say, “she got hooked” and could not wait to go back after Covid!

She has been Club President, Secretary, Zone Chair, District L Treasurer, District Fellowships and Partners Chair, Camp Dogwood Co-Chair, Brighter Visions District Co-Chair and State Chair and now 2nd Vice District Governor.

She has received the Sid L. Scruggs Beacon of Hope and the Steps to Service award and an International Certificate of Appreciation.

Lion Eileen Lives in Granite Falls with her husband, Lion Gerardo, of 32 years and their two dogs, Buddy and Charlie.